‘Thank You for Your Service” follows four veterans from the Iraqi War as they learn to live their lives again. Kenny Toone is the film’s main persona. His on-screen journey unravels a “moral injury” as he learns to survive the conflicts of his religious upbringing and combat traumas. “Kenny talks openly about combat, suicide attempts and his PTSD. Watching it on the big screen was rough,” says Angie Toone, Kenny’s wife and primary caregiver.   

This is not just “another awareness film” focusing on veterans’ issues of suicide and mental illness affiliated with the military. Those behind the 90-minute documentary have a huge goal to change how the military approaches mental health care. “We want mental health testing to be part of the annual physical. If everyone from the grunts down below to the highest-ranking officers had regular counseling check-ins, there would be no stigma attached to those who have been in combat. Can you image those we can help?” said Angie.

The first time the couple saw “Thank You for Your Service” was at a private screening on board the UUS Intrepid in NYC. “The energy was incredible,” exclaimed Angie. “There was no way you can walk out of there without being fired up. People got excited and wanted to make a change right then.”

The public is invited to attend a screening of the film on May 16, at the Clark Cushing Heritage Center, 10 E. 6150 South, Murray; followed by a Q&A session with the film’s director, cast members and local mental-health professionals. A veterans’ resource fair will also be available. Find more information at facebook.com/events/202395910246713 or email utah@pinupsforpatriots.com —VALOR